Ticket prices

Daily tickets:
-on the spot: 3.700 HUF
-online until 31. January 2017: 3.000 HUF (+ 200 HUF service fee per ticket)
-online from 1. February 2017: 3.500 HUF (+ 200 HUF service fee per ticket)
-for inhabitants who live in the 10th district: 500 HUF (evidence document of your address is needed)

For ticket purchasing please click here!

It is possible to buy tickets with OTP SZÉP Card in the Entrance Hall 1. and 3.

Hungary Card owners are entitled to buy tickets on 3-5 March, 2017 (public days) with 50% discount two times for two people or once for four people. The discount will be deducted from the full-price daily ticket.

The ticket is valid for the Budapest Motor Festival and for its co-event, the Budapest Boat Show. One ticket can be used once.